Ken and his artist wife, Karen

Ken Cruickshank, Author

Ken is an author of thrillers, nonfiction, and historical fiction. His first book was released in January, 2018: Stand Up: a memoir of disease, family, faith & hope. Two thrillers, Eagle Bay and The Revenged, will follow. 

Ken grew up in Orange County, California, the sixth of ten children. His education includes a BS from Arizona State and an MBA from George Fox, and he spent his career in the tech industry. He and his wife, Karen, raised their three children in Oregon before moving to Arizona in 2020. 

Ken is afflicted with primary progressive multiple sclerosis, and in 2005 he fell onto cement and snapped the ball off his femur, the last day he walked or worked. But "worked" needs to stand within quotation marks, because a few years after sitting unemployed in his wheelchair, looking for ways to reinvent himself, he discovered a hidden passion for writing. Nearly every day is now spent creating or editing, using speech-to-text software.

He considers himself a fortunate man.