Ken and his artist wife, Karen

Ken Cruickshank             Thrillers, Memoir, Historical Fiction

Ken Cruickshank will release his debut thriller, EAGLE BAY, in January 2023.

Eagle Bay blurb:

After her husband dies in a boating accident, Skye McCloud finds comfort and eventually love through her husband’s best friend, Thomas Westbrooke. Skye marries Thomas, the face of the well-respected Westbrooke dynasty based in the idyllic Oregon Coast city of Eagle Bay. Thomas adopts Skye’s children and is an adoring father and husband, helping Skye rediscover total fulfillment.

Thomas and his father live deceitfully to protect dark secrets regarding their possession of extraordinary treasures swept ashore inside the hull of a Spanish galleon 500 years earlier. Now secured in a vault below the Westbrooke estate, the ancient riches help finance the Westbrooke Coastal Industries empire. Thomas’s behavior grows inexplicably strange, then terrifying. His carefully orchestrated life unravels, leading to revelations the Westbrookes and McClouds have been entangled decades longer than anyone realized, and murders redirected both families’ futures.

Once Skye recognizes her husband’s life is a charade, she discovers much of her past and present are not as they appear and that her family is in great peril. The brilliant Thomas miscalculates Skye’s resolve and ability to counter his intellect and madness. He learns she is a worthy adversary. Prepare to be drawn in, spellbound, and shocked.

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Ken will release his second thriller, THE EMERALD CROSS, in June, 2023. He is simultaneously creating two new manuscripts, an historical fiction novel describing the exploits of a Spanish conquistador and an intriguing Inca princess, DEATH AND DISHONOR, and a medieval fantasy-esque saga titled WOMEN OF THE FERN. Stay tuned!

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After an obstreperous youth wreaking all sorts of havoc in Orange County, California, Ken's future was slowly and instantly rerouted through the progression of chronic disease and an accident. Needing to reinvent himself to overcome the mental burdens of managing a body that was breaking down, he discovered a passion for writing, and the technology enabling that pursuit. Now every day is spent writing or editing fiction and nonfiction, using speech-to-text software. Authoring books has become his fulfilling and grand adventure.

STAND UP: a memoir of disease, family, faith & hope, was Ken's debut book. It has been said that the most important qualities for any aspiring novelist are a robust imagination, stubbornness, and technical writing skills. Ken believes he was born with the first traits and has spent years working to master the third. His aspirations as a published author are simple: He aims to entertain the reader through mesmerizing fiction or to share hard-earned wisdom with those struggling through life.

Ken is a husband and father to a family he adores, and he lives with his wife, Karen, in Arizona. He enjoys nothing more than spending time with family and friends around a crackling fire, where good conversation is accompanied by red wines and dark chocolates.