Ken Cruickshank, Author

Ken and his artist wife, Karen

After an obstreperous youth wreaking all sorts of adolescent havoc in Orange County, California, then Arizona State University, an aggressive form of multiple sclerosis and an accident slowly and instantly rerouted Ken’s future at age forty-five. Needing to reinvent himself to overcome the realities of managing a body that was breaking down, he later discovered a passion for writing and the technology enabling that pursuit.

Now nearly every day is spent writing or editing fiction and historical fiction using speech-to-text software. Authoring books has become his fulfilling and grand adventure. Stand Up: a memoir of disease, family, faith & hope was his debut self-published book. He is pursuing agent representation for his manuscripts.

A famous author once stated the essential qualities for any aspiring novelist are a robust imagination, stubbornness, and technical writing skills. Ken believes he was born with two of these traits and has spent years mastering the third. His aspirations as a published author are simple: With fiction, he aims to entertain the reader, compelling her to turn each page and devour the next chapter. And with nonfiction, he hopes to share hard-earned wisdom with those struggling through life.

Ken is a husband and father to a family he adores, and he lives with his wife, Karen – an accomplished artist – in Arizona. He enjoys nothing more than spending time with family and friends around a crackling fire, where good conversation accompanies red wines and dark chocolates.